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Holiday Fashion: Party Time!

The holiday party season is beginning! For us to enjoy it fully, we must get our fashion plan in order. We don’t want to add stress to our life because we don’t know what to wear. Here’s your party look….just click, buy, and party!

  • Dress: This year, I was feeling extremely inspired to style with black. It’s utterly chic and I’m mixing it with other elements that make it festive. A Black Sleeveless Shift Dress is the perfect “base” for our party look and you can easily wear it again after the holidays.
  • Blouse: I typically do not like pairing a solid color with black. This case is different, because the combination of this Deep Green Top’s dark hue and the shine of its fabric makes the whole look work.
  • Tights: Black Opaque Tights add style and appropriateness (because a shift dress can be too short with bare legs).
  • Heels: One look at these Shimmer Booties makes you say, “Done and done.” A sparkling, metallic heel is everything and they make this whole look!
  • Box Clutch: I love a Black Accented Clutch. The structure of a box clutch keeps this look very sharp and the gold accents make it very evening! We just need to be sure to tuck the chain into the clutch and carry the clutch in our hand. Otherwise, it does not work with this look.

Have fun celebrating!


Andrea Graye :)