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Holiday Fashion: Resort

I am traveling for New Years which means it is time for a new beach look!! Whatever I feel inspired to style for “Resort” each year is what I carry over into the coming Spring. So, these pieces will suit us perfectly for the holiday season AND set us up for 2017!

I always plan my beach wardrobe so it’s appropriate to wear to the beach, to lunch, and to shop in. I don’t like wardrobe changes when I’m on vaca. This year, I envisioned an amazing color combo of white, olive, and coral….so fresh and chic!

  • Beach Dress: White Pleated Maxi Dress screams “I’m on vacation and I don’t have to care about anything.” Long, flow-y dresses are so glamorous and are very easy to throw over a swimsuit.
  • Swim Top: Nudity in public is never chic. An Olive Bandeau Tankini is perfect for our swim attire, because it is functional, but even more importantly, it is absolutely gor-geous AND flattering.
  • Swim Bottom: I love this White Mini Skort. The length of the skirt is just right. We don’t want to look prudish in one that hits our knees, but we also don’t want one that dances around our hips, not actually providing any coverage at all. The second great element is that it has mini shorts (instead of a brief) attached under the skirt. This is very important because it’s impossible for the skirt not to fly when I get knocked over by a wave.
  • Shoes: A beautiful pair of Coral Sandals adds such a warm splash of color to our look. These are definitely stylish enough to wear both on and off the beach.
  • Bag: This Gold Metallic Shopper is everything. Its exact shape is unique and its structure makes digging through it to find your beach-read easy.

Swim, soak up the sun, and let loose ladies. You deserve it!!!


Andrea Graye :)