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Holiday Hair

The holidays are here, and it feels faster than ever before! The days, weeks, and months are flying! So if you are like me and you will be rushing around to get yourself ready to be fashionably late to your dinner party, here are some helpful hair hints!

Get yourself a good hot roller set! I love Instant Heat Ceramic Hot Rollers. I like these because the rollers come in three different sizes.

  1. Let the roller set heat up for about 5 minutes when you are ready to start.
  2. After you dry your hair (or let it air-dry) flip your hair upside down and spray with Heat Protectant. Brush through so your hair is not damp in any spots.
  3. In 1-2 inch sections, starting at the neck, clip away the rest of your hair. Spray the 1-2 inch section with a Flex Hold Hairspray. Brush the spray into your hair. Split the section in half and wrap a small size roller and secure it in place with the clip provided in the set.
  4. Work up the hair repeating the same process increasing in size as you get closer to the front of the hairline. When finished give your whole head a light mist of hairspray from as far away as your arm will reach.
  5. Let the rollers set in your hair until they cool.
  6. You can do your makeup, get dressed, and whatever else you need to do to multitask your way out the door. Once everything is done remove the clips, and brush out the curl for big, voluminous, 1,2,3 holiday curls!

When you arrive fashionably late to your dinner party, you’ll look so good you can blame it on your hairdresser!