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Holiday Nail Color

It’s really hard to find the perfect nail color. I’m constantly testing new brands and new shades, and my manicurists (as well as ladies on the street) are always complimenting me on the ones I find. So, OF COURSE, I want to share them with you!!!! The best part is, I’ve coordinated them with all of the outfits I’ve styled for us this holiday:

  • Holiday Party: I love Model Clicks! It has a deep burgundy hue with what I feel like are purple undertones. Now, don’t be scared that I said there are purple undertones. It doesn’t actually look purple.
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day: I like to be festive, but I don’t like bright red, so Rouge Rite is the way to go. It offers a red undertone, while still being a nice chic hue.
  • New Year’s Eve: Winter Glow is amazing! It’s a pale pink that is NOT sheer. This means you can wear a light shade that will have a saturated color, so it actually looks like a color.
  • Resort: If you are hitting the beach this holiday season, Be Demure is the best option. It is opaque (not sheer) like Winter Glow, but it has a pinker hue.

Happy Happy Holidays :)

Andrea Graye :)