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Holiday Nail Plan

A way to cut down on our “getting ready” time around the holidays is to keep our nails in check. The last thing we need is to be rushing around our room trying to get dressed for the office holiday party when we notice our nails look like we spent the weekend digging in the dirt (and I don’t mean the gorgeous golden sand of St. Barths). So, here’s our plan:

  • How to Choose Your Polish: I love this new genre of polish, often called, Weekly Nail Polish (Top Coat) or Gel Couture (Top Coat). However, it is NOT a gel. This means you do not bake your hands in harmful UV radiation, nor do you need to soak them in acetone to remove the polish. AND it’s even faster than a regular manicure because your drying time is less! I find that these polishes really do last up to 7 days, especially if I’m in the sun, which somehow strengthens them….perfect for upcoming beach vacations!!!!!
  • What to Tell Your Manicurist: I have definitely learned that just because someone is in a “professional” job role, it does not make them an expert. We have to speak up for ourselves and tell our manicurists what we do and do not want for the health of our hands, nails, and manicure life. 1) We do not want them to cut our cuticles (unless we have a hangnail). Instead, ask them to apply oil and “push” the cuticle down. 2) We do not want to soak our hands in a bowl of water if we have dry or sensitive skin. There is a school of thought that this also prevents your polish from staying on. When I use a “weekly” nail polish I haven’t found this to be true. 3) We do not want “drying drops” at the end of the manicure. They are oily/messy and they do NOT help to keep the polish on longer. 
  • When to Go: Regular manicures definitely help to strengthen your nails, prevent breaking, and even help keep the polish on longer! I have a great friend I met working in a buying office at Bloomingdale’s whose polish stayed on for an entire week (and this was BEFORE gel polish!). She told me her secret was that she had gotten a manicure every week for basically her entire life. That seems worth it to me. Not only do you have pretty nails, you also have HEALTHY nails!

Have fun feeling glamorous!


Andrea Graye :)