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Hotel Tips

I love to travel, but I hate when it causes inconveniences, especially when I’m supposed to be “vacationing.” To make our vacations as relaxing and easy as possible, my husband and I have discovered these tips:

  1. Ask to See Another Room: If you don’t like something about your room, such as the view or the noise, ask to see another room immediately. As long as you present your request politely, the hotel staff shouldn’t have a problem showing you another option.
  2. Rent Cars from Your Hotel: This is especially helpful at large airports, such as LAX, where you have to take a shuttle bus to get to the rental car company and there are always extremely long lines. Instead, check to see if your hotel has their own private shuttle that can pick you up at the airport (or an Uber) and take you to the hotel where they can rent you a car directly. This saves us hours.
  3. Take Inventory: As soon as we get to our room, I check to see if the following is in the room and then call housekeeping to ask them to bring anything I might need- Extra Feather Pillows, Robes, Slippers, Extra Tissues, Toothbrushes, and Toothpaste.
  4. Disinfect Everything: We always carry Anti-Bacterial Wipes in an easily accessible bag and we wipe down everything we are going to touch as soon as we arrive in our room (i.e. wall switches, remotes, and EVERYTHING in the bathroom). I never touch throw pillows, comforters, or blankets in hotels because I don’t believe they wash them. 
  5. Arrive Early: Most hotels will allow you to you their property before the official check-in time. My husband and I typically arrive at a hotel around 11am, even though check-in isn’t until 3 or 4pm. Sometimes the hotel has a room ready early that they will give us, but if not, we just give them our luggage to hold, use the lobby restroom to change into our swimsuits, and then use the pool, have lunch, and go to the beach at the hotel while we are waiting for our room.
  6. Request Late Checkout: My husband and I believe that you can’t be afraid to ask for things. We ask for all sorts of things and usually get them. The key is to be kind and respectful. If your return trip isn’t until late in the day, don’t be afraid to ask the reception desk for a late checkout. This can essentially extend your vacation by an entire day! If we have to leave our room earlier than we need to leave the property for our flight, we ask them to hold our luggage and we spend the day at the pool.
  7. Sign Up for Rewards Program: If your hotel has a rewards program, sign up for it before you arrive at the hotel. If you are a rewards member, the hotel is more likely to grant your requests, such as late check out.
  8. Pack HDMI Cable: If you want to watch movies or shows while you are away, download them to your tablet or laptop ahead of time (don’t rely on the hotel’s wifi as it can be slow and spotty). Bring an HDMI cable with you and that will allow you to connect your device to the TV so you can watch your programs on a large screen. (Husband says the HDMI cable you need depends on your exact device. That is why I couldn’t give you a link.)

I’ve also written an article on airplane tips to make the whole travel experience as easy as possible: Tips for Flying. 

Happy Vacationing!

Andrea Graye :)