Housekeeping Simplified

I hate mess. And that’s a good thing. Mess disrupts life and slows you down. Why would anyone want to lose 30 minutes out of their day looking for items that are lost because their home is messy?

Running an efficient home will free everyone up to do more of what they love…like consignment shop! So, to get to that precious boutique ASAP, just follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Separate your laundry every time you take it off. Buy multiple Laundry Bins, label them based on load, and drop each item into its corresponding bin. This will save you tons of time not having to sort through one gigantic hamper every time you need to do laundry.
  2. Maintain your closet life. I think people lose so much of their day just trying to start it! It’s crucial that we organize our closet and dresser by type of clothing and always put our laundry away immediately. How are you ever going to find a black pencil skirt jammed between black dress pants and a black cardigan?! Instead, create one section of your closet rod that only houses skirts. This way, you have direction when you open the doors.
  3. Streamline your food. Organize your refrigerator by type of food, keep things in its place, grocery shop the same day each week, and buy enough food to last you one whole week. By always keeping your milk in its place, you can easily scan your fridge and know what you need to buy and what you don’t. Doing your groceries the same day each week will ensure you don’t find out at 7am on Monday morning that you are out of yogurt, kale, and coffee. You can read more grocery tips in my article How to Grocery Shop the Right Way.
  4. Keep your dishwasher dirty. If your dishwasher is always empty/”dirty” you can simply place dishes directly into it after you use them, instead of piling them up in the sink. That just creates a huge, sloppy, time-consuming project for later.
  5. Stash cleaning wipes under your bathroom sink. Bathrooms get messy quickly, so I keep Wet Ones and Windex within easy reach to clean as I go. 15 seconds of immediately wiping your mirror after a hairspray misfire is easier than letting a mess build up for days and then needing to spend an hour doing a deep scrub.

I promise, if you do these things and stick with them, your life will be much easier. Who doesn’t want an easier life?

Love you!


Andrea Graye :)