The Easiest Way to Grocery Shop

Grocery shopping should not induce anxiety, nor should it waste your time or money. To make this process as painless as possible, we simply need to do the following:

  1. Decide if shopping online OR in a physical store is right for you. Don’t do both. This will just complicate things. Pick one store, and shop there every week. I shop online at Fresh Direct because they have reasonable prices, a nice assortment of organic and local foods in addition to your basics, and I can easily shop from an app on my phone.
  2. Organize your cabinets and refrigerator by category. If all of your groceries are always kept in the same place, you will be able to quickly see what you are out of.
  3. Plan your food needs for one week. Think through each meal and snack you will have over the course of the next week. This step has the added bonus of helping you to eat healthy and you will not need to waste time each day thinking about what to eat next.
  4. Take inventory. Open your nicely organized cabinets and fridge, and check to see what you will need for the next week based on your “food needs” identified in step 3. If you shop online, open the app on your phone, and add each item to your cart as you identify that you need it. If you shop in-store, make a physical list to bring with you.

That’s all. The mystery of efficiently grocery shopping revealed. Each week you do this, you’ll get faster at it.


Andrea Graye :)