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How to Grow Out Your Bob

Many variations of the bob were the trend this past year. Now, all of you trendy ladies are trying to grow your hair. Here are some great tips for growing out your bob!

Get your hair trimmed every four weeks! It sounds like a lot, but if you dust your ends every four weeks you will be taking off any dead end before it breaks up the hair follicle. This keeps the strand strong allowing it to grow longer, quicker. Trimming your hair every few weeks will also get you through any awkward phase quicker.

Make a plan for your hair with your hairdresser! Work with your stylist to try out as many different looks as you can while your hair is growing out. This way you can see what really looks best on you.

Get a glaze every time you get your hair trimmed! Glazes condition your hair and restore it to a normal pH. Applying a glaze once a month will leave the hair shiny and healthy.

Take your vitamins! You can try biotin or a prenatal for the healthiest hair possible; both of these are hair, skin, and nail supplements. Also, drink lots of water and eat foods vast in antioxidants, fatty acids, and protein.

Style your hair with as little heat as possible! The less you do to your hair the better. This includes styling it with any rough products such as gels, heavy mousses, or sprays. Do not get any color processes, like highlights, done at this time because you want to leave it as healthy as possible to grow.

Give yourself a conditioning treatment! Hot oil, masks, and coconut oil will all hydrate and replenish your ends. I like to repair any damaged hair with a Hydrating Mask. It will improve your hair’s texture, shine, and manageability. All you need to do is wrap your hair in a bun for a few hours while you do chores or your bills. Your hair will be silky smooth when you are done!

Don’t forget, ladies, every millimeter counts!