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How to Operate a Home

A business CANNOT be successful without a strategy and proper operations. A home is not any different. Home life is just as busy, if not BUSIER, than a company. So, to make our life as easy and balanced as possible this year, we just need to follow these steps to be operational wizards:

    1. Mentally Organized: Just like how a successful outfit needs good under layers, our home needs good under layers. This means our minds. So our first step is to read my short article, “Get Organized. Stay Organized.”
    2. Get Physically Organized: Next, we need to get the physical items in our homes organized. I’ve easily outlined how in our “Chic Home” series of articles. Chic Home: Step 1 is essential.
    3. Create a Housekeeping Schedule: The only way not to be overwhelmed by how much cleaning a house requires, is to determine which chores get done on which day and to stick to it. Even if you aren’t the one cleaning your house, proper management is very necessary. So, download this spreadsheet, edit it based on your needs, and then either use it for yourself or your housekeeper. Housekeeping Schedule (Apple Numbers) or Housekeeping Schedule (Microsoft Excel)
    4. Determine a Meal Plan: Plan your meals one week in advance and purchase all of the food you will need at one time. This will save you a lot of time not thinking and running errands every single day just to get your food.
    5. Determine How You are Going to “Buy Stuff”: It’s crucial to have a plan for how you buy your groceries and household items. I’ve outlined a very simple plan for us in the article, How to Grocery Shop the Right Way.

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