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Hunting Season

This is New York, Ladies, the concrete jungle….so of course I’m not here to tell you which camo outfit to rock while looking for deer in the woods. Although…camo is ALWAYS a fave in any season! I am talking about hairstylist hunting for the perfect blow out! Here are a few key tips to ensure you find the stylist you are looking for, to have and to hold till death do you part!!

Blow Out Etiquette: I am not talking about “pinky out” or how to cross your legs in a chair. This is much deeper!

  1. First and foremost make sure the place you are going is licensed in the field of cosmetology and that their specialty is hair! Break out your smartphone and hop on Yelp or Google Business to see ratings and previous reviews and credentials. There should also be NYS licenses hanging near the hairdresser’s station! If you choose to see someone who is NOT licensed you are putting yourself at risk!
  2. Consultation is key. You have to feel comfortable talking to your stylist. Tell them exactly what you want out of your blow out. This is a service they are providing for YOU, that you are paying for. Don’t be scared to make suggestions, but do NOT grab a brush or a blow dryer from a stylist’s hands and begin showing them what you mean. This is too aggressive and is offensive to the stylist. Within this consultation your stylist should also be expressing their professional opinion because if they are experienced in their craft, they will direct you towards what is best for your hair. As a stylist, I ask you to please try to stay open-minded during this exchange of ideas.
  3. Picture perfect! Since it is the first time meeting them, I love when new clients show me pictures of their expectations for their blow out so we are on same page. I request that it is a picture of their own hair styled recently. It would be impossible for me to make you look like someone else when you leave my chair…I want you to be the best version of you! If you don’t have a picture handy it’s best to tell the stylist where you part your hair, if you like perfect looking or lived-in grungy hair, voluminous or sleek, wavy or pin straight…there are so many options. It is also important to explain what your blow out is for. For example, are you looking to get the week out of it for work or are you attending an outdoor beach wedding? Different approaches may be taken in the way your hair is styled and product choice may come into play.
  4. Product knowledge is very important! I like to know if my clients have any allergies, such as nut allergies. Certain oils contain such additives. Some of my clients prefer absolutely no product. That is their choice, but I will always direct them towards what I think is best for the look they want to achieve. That could mean a mousse, serum, or hairspray texture spray. Heat protectant is something I will ALWAYS use. I prefer Oribe Foundation Mist. It is a weightless antistatic thermal protectant. It’s okay to ask questions about why your stylist is recommending a certain product for you! Their explanation may open your eyes to new things. Certain products can help extend the longevity of your blow out!
  5. Your stylist must select the right brush! If you are looking for a bouncy blow out and there’s a flat paddle brush in your hair, chances are you will NOT be satisfied with your end result. Round brushes create volume and bounce, while flat brushes create sleek hair. You can also get straight hair from a round brush, but not the other way around. Note: It is not a good sign if you have 10 clips in your hair and they take a brush to your sopping wet locks. I prefer to dry between 60-70% of the moisture out of the hair with my fingers before applying a brush.
  6. Time is money, not just for me but for my client as well. I may be styling them for a meeting or a gala or to run the kids to soccer practice. Regardless of the event, they don’t want me to spend an hour or more on just a blow out. I usually map out a plan in my head how to tackle their mane in 25-45 minutes maximum. It is very important to be the most efficient in the shortest amount of time. I still like to pamper my ladies…to me all my clients are celebrities! It is important you find a stylist who makes you look and feel as such!
  7. During your blow out experience you should be relaxed. Unless you are asleep please do NOT pretend to be a bobble head doll in the chair. We need a bit of tension in the hair to have it last so please offer that and don’t bend with us! If you are experiencing any pain or burning it is important you express this to your stylist. Unfortunately, if you have kinky, curly, frizzy hair, applying heat to the root along with tension is the only way to get it straight and allow it to last a few days. But there has to be some sort of middle ground where your stylist can angle the heat slightly away from your scalp so it doesn’t feel as hot! If you know you have a sensitive scalp you should express this in the consultation. If your stylist does not feel comfortable they should recommend someone who specializes in kinkier, curlier hair.
  8. Heat is important in having a blow out last, especially in the root! But the blow dryer nozzle should never be resting flat on your hair, especially NOT for extended amounts of time. This can potentially burn your hair or cause breakage! You should NEVER I repeat NEVER smell anything burnt while having your hair blown out!!! Steam however is normal especially if there is product in your hair.

I know finding the right stylist can almost be as challenging as finding true love in the city that never sleeps, but I hope these key factors help in your pursuit of hair happiness! Once you find a great stylist, stay loyal to them! The more often you see someone the more comfortable they are with you and your hair! Everyone’s hair is so different as are everyone’s needs, so loyalty is key as in any other relationship! Respect is another factor! Although we are providing you with a service it is NEVER okay to talk down to your stylist and expect a good experience! They will most likely rush through the process just to get you up and out! And be careful because stylists talk!!! If you were rude they will most likely make note of it in the computer and may be “busy” if you ever call for an appointment with them or anyone else in the salon ever again. So be kind, and along with any other service, gratuity is not included and the standard 20% would be nice to leave your stylist if you are happy with your hair! I hope this helps! Happy hunting ladies! And please be on time…we are waiting for you!!!!