I Don’t Like Tarnish

Tarnish is horrible. It attacks beautiful jewelry and nearly ruins it for eternity. Yuck-0!

I recently learned about this, because for the first 15 years of my “nice” jewelry-wearing life, I stored all of my special pieces in a lovely, shiny  jewelry box that my mom bought me in highschool .  But then, once I acquired more pieces than would fit in that box, I had to revamp my jewelry storage system.  This did not go well.

I selected a very chic-looking silver armoire that stood on the floor and had several drawers and cabinet doors.  I loved that everything was spread out and easily visible/accessible. But, then one terrible afternoon last summer, I began packing up all of my treasures for our move to a new apartment, and that’s when I found it: tarnish! It completely attacked a beautiful little sterling silver snowflake necklace from Tiffany’s that my husband had given to me for Christmas just six months earlier!

I called my mother at once so she could share in my tizzy fit. We got right to the bottom of the problem and realized that my oh-so-chic, but in-no-way functional, new armoire was in fact not lined nor sealed properly to prevent air from tarnishing my treasures!

So, the search was on: I needed to find a fabulous-looking, LARGE, jewelry storage situation immediately! Like everything else in the world that I shop for, what I dreamed up in my mind’s eye, simply was nonexistent. Therefore, I was forced to work with what existed (for now anyway… someday I’m going to figure out a way to manufacture everything that should exist in the world but doesn’t!).

1) I chose a tarnish-resistant armoire that stands on the floor, so that I (or more accurately, my husband) did not have to spend time installing it into the wall. But, if it works best for you to have yours on the wall (or over the door), I’ve included an option for that too:



2) The armoire did not perfectly fit all of my pieces, so I also bought these chic little round jewelry boxes that I stack on my dresser. I use them for bangles, watches, and long strand necklaces. You can purchase them with your initial on the lid. But, instead of my initial, I bought them with the letter that would indicate what was in them. For example, I have “B” for bangles, “N” for necklaces, and “W”  for watches. Then, I placed all of the boxes with silver jewelry on the left side of my dresser, and all of the boxes with gold jewelry on the right side of my dresser, so I could more easily find what I needed.

Small “Initial” Jewelry Box:

Enjoy your tarnish-free gems!


Andrea Graye 😘