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Is it Sadness or Pride?

The biggest dangers to the human mind are confusion and lies. If we don’t acknowledge every thought that travels through our brain, ideas and beliefs that are absolutely NOT TRUE can easily set up camp and we will be mislead. One of the biggest misconceptions we can fall for happens when we don’t address our feelings head on.

We can very easily confuse sadness for pride. As I’ve mentioned in our podcasts, I could talk about pride for hours. From personal experience, I know how much pride can destroy a life, so clearly I believe it’s extremely important to identify when we have pride. However, I know it’s also absolutely crucial not to confuse pride for other emotions.

While on the surface, it can sound very easy to know whether or not we feel sad, I don’t think that’s necessarily the case. I think a big reason why is we don’t always know when it’s okay, appropriate, and actually healthy to feel sad. This life sucks. I’m sorry to not put a better spin on it, but that actually makes my point. You are NOT being weak, or immature, or negative by being sad. You are being STRONG and WISE to feel and admit sadness. Whether we choose to face it or not, if something happens to us that’s upsetting, sadness is going to live inside of us. Deciding to ignore it won’t make it go away, and it will definitely make it worse.

Don’t let anyone make you think that if you feel upset and sad about a situation, that you’re just being prideful and experiencing “damage” to your ego. For example, if another human being says something rude and mean to you, you most certainly should feel sad about it. The world is a broken place, and people say and do things to you that they shouldn’t; that in and of itself elicits sadness. That is truth…and knowing truth is what can keep our minds healthy and sharp, even when our hearts are broken and hurting.

I LOVE YOU. I really mean that. Whatever you are feeling sad about today, please know that I have more love for you than you could ever imagine and I’m praying fervently for your heart to be healed.

Andrea Graye :)