How to Become a Jet-Setter!

I’ve been back to work for one official week since the Holiday break, and I’m already opening my calendar every 20 minutes, furiously scanning the dates, to find room to squeeze in a vacation to some sun, salt, and sand.

Are you with me?  If so, here are the guidelines I devised that make it possible to quietly jet off to the turquoise seas without using up all of your vacation days before you’ve even remembered to start writing 2016:

1) Go to and enter your departure city, ideal destination, class of flight, number of tickets, and dates.  Under stops, select “Nonstop” (this is essential for a quick getaway).  A list of flights including price, airline, schedule, and duration will pop up.  If the results don’t work for you, click on the map to the right.  The large red dots indicate cities that have flights to them from your chosen departure city.  Select the one that has the shortest flight time and the best weather! If you are like me and my husband, we tend to only book trips within 48 hours of taking them!  The benefit in doing that, is you can check your destination’s weather forecast for sun and high temps!

2) Go to and enter your destination and travel dates.  Filter the results by selecting the hotel classes you are comfortable with and all of the amenities you want the hotel to offer.  (Very Important Note: On TripAdvisor, there is a difference between user reviews/rankings and the actual hotel CLASS.  You want to focus first on what the actual hotel class is.)  In selecting the amenities, you want to keep in mind the things that will make your trip the easiest and most relaxing.  Since it’s a short trip, you need to maximize your relaxation!  I always choose: beach, bar/lounge, pool, and room service.  These four amenities ensure my husband and I never have to leave the property.  Next, sort by “Ranking.”  This is when it’s time to consider what the user review says.  I vote to always select a hotel that has 4 1/2 out of 5 of those little green dots filled in.  If it has 5, while obviously that’s great too!  The other factor to consider is the hotel’s distance from the airport.  Do not select a hotel that is further than 15 minutes away.  You don’t want to spend half your trip in a taxi!

3) Don’t check luggage!  Another very important step to a quick and easy getaway is to not waste time checking and claiming luggage.  And that avoids the horrid event of your luggage being…I can barely say it…lost!!!  Ah!!!  Can you imagine if I lost my favorite DVF wrap dress or my adorbs Yosi Samra flat sandals!?!?!? The horror.  So, the way to avoid this tragedy, abide by those liquid laws and don’t pack full-size toiletries.  First, call your hotel and ask what toiletries they can provide you in your room: Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion, Toothbrushes, and Toothpaste should be standard.  Also ask them what toiletries you can buy at their gift shop.  Next, go to and stock up on travel versions of your necessities that you can’t get at the hotel.

Now that I’ve given you these guidelines, I’m antsy to book a trip of my own.  Do you mind tweeting @rglotzbecker and letting him know for me?


Andrea Graye :)