Make Every Day a Friday!

You’re sleeping restlessly as you dream about sprinting down East 42nd street with a snapped stiletto heel and frizzy summer hair, panicked that you are late to your Business Chicks luncheon.  Suddenly, you hear that siren-ey bullhorn noise of your alarm that sounds way too much like Janice from Friends.  You contemplate opening your eyes, feeling totes not ready to face the day.  Then it hits you: it’s Friday.  Glorious Friday!  You’re meeting your bestie for a quick drink after work to catch up on which nail polish is currently being marketed as the “most durable” for your summer adventures, then off to an al fresco dinner with your gorge husband under the stars!

Why can’t every day, be Friday?  Well, I’m here to tell you it can.  All it takes is a little creativity and a moment to plan.  Here’s the recipe:

1) Carve 10 minutes out of your Saturday and sit down with your electronic calendar.

2) Look at the following week’s “responsibilities” (a meeting with your co-worker, apartment hunting with your spouse, the manicure you’re in desperate need of after spending the weekend digging your hands in the sand, your toddler’s check-up at the doctor, your cleaning at the dentist).  Think creatively about how you can turn these responsibilities into FUN activities.  Turn that work meeting into a lunch date where you can discuss business and enjoy a virgin (or not) margarita.  Pick a restaurant in the neighborhood where you’re apartment hunting and go out for dessert with your husband after the showings.  Round up your ladies to meet you at the salon where you can bond and dish and laugh while you get your nails done.  Plan a stop for ice cream (with sprinkles of course, because that just makes everything more special) on your way home from your little one’s check-up.  And don’t forget one of my all-time favorites, plan to shop at your favorite vintage store on the way home from that teeth cleaning.  Then, plug these fun events into your calendar and click the “invite” button on each one to get your peeps on board.

3) Find at least 2 consecutive hours at some point in the week to do something for just you.  (No eye rolling, gasping, or “that’s not possible” commentary necessary, read on my ladies :).  If we don’t take care of ourselves, we’re not going to be any use to anyone else.  Our relationships will suffer, our children will suffer, and our work will suffer.  Nobody needs a strung out, grumpy-kins for a wife, mother, or employer/employee.  There are 168 hour in one week.  Everyone should not only be entitled to 2 of them for themselves, they should be required to take them by law.  I think I need to get involved in politics.  I have a whole slew of laws the world is in desperate need of!  Anyway, it’s E-ssential we all know what recharges us: going for a run, baking a cake, shopping, getting a massage, admiring magical images on the pages of Vogue (clearly that’s mine), etc.  So, pick yours, and send yourself a set-in-stone calendar invite.  Reply yes.  Recharge and live-on, Sisters!


I’m stern because I care,

Andrea Graye :)