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Make Your Own Rollerball

I think making our own rollerballs is a great idea. So, first, I must tell you what that is. It’s a small glass cylinder (I think) that has perfume in it, and it has a tiny ball on the top that allows you to role the fragrance directly onto your skin. I love these, because when I SPRAY perfume from a traditional perfume bottle, there is a very good chance it lands on my silk blouse and ruins it with a stain. Here’s how to very easily and quickly make our rollerball to avoid this problem:

  1. On a plate that you aren’t concerned about getting perfume on, set up our project by removing the lid and the ball from the Glass Roll-On Bottle.
  2. Squeeze the dropper, insert it into the bottle of your favorite spray Fragrance, stop squeezing, and then insert it into the glass roll-on bottle, and squeeze again to release the fluid. Repeat this until the roll-on bottle is mostly full, and then secure the ball and cap back on.

That’s it. It’s that simple!

Love you!
Andrea Graye :)