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Makeup Tools that Save You Time

I prefer how I look when I’m wearing makeup. But, I don’t like how time-consuming applying it can be. So, to keep me looking spiffy in a jiffy, I stocked myself with the proper tools to make it go on as quickly as possible. Here’s what’s in my makeup stand:

  1. Foundation/Concealer Sponge: Apply your foundation and concealer with a sponge instead of your fingers and you don’t have to waste time washing it off your hands.
  2. Eye Shadow Brush: I find the tiny applicators that come with eyeshadow to be too difficult to use and I fumble them.
  3. Wide Eye Liner Brush: Use this angled brush to apply your liner (I use eye shadow for my liner) from the middle of your eye out to the corners.
  4. Narrow Eye Liner Brush: This slim brush works great at applying eye shadow as liner from the middle of your eye in to the corner near your nose.
  5. Eyelash Curler: A curler helps to make your eyelashes more noticeable.
  6. Angled Blush Brush: I love an angled brush for my blush. I find it makes it very quick for me to apply blush in a nice triangular shape shooting down from my cheekbone.

Well, that’s that Ladies. And remember to keep your tools organized and easily accessible to keep things speedy.