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Making Ladies’ Night Happen

It’s Ladies’ Night! Or, it could be, if we learned how to actually get our friends to commit. Since I believe a night out with the ladies is super important, I did my own SUCCESSFUL research on how to actually make it happen! Here’s how:

  1. Pick a Date in Advance: Just like all of the other activities in our life, we need to schedule seeing our friends. I think 3 weeks in advance is the right amount of time because most people will have a day open that far out, and it gives those who need it time to schedule childcare.
  2. Choose a Central Location: For my most recent Ladies’ Night I picked a lounge near Grand Central Station because my ladies were taking subways and trains directly into the station. This made it SO MUCH easier for them and decreased the time they were away from their families.
  3. Select a Venue with Food: You don’t want people to be stressed about Ladies’ Night. Trying to fit in grabbing dinner before or afterwards will just complicate things. One of my friends forgot about Ladies’ Night and when I reminded her, one of her panicked responses was, “Are we eating?!?!”
  4. Send Calendar Invite: Everyone needs a calendar. I don’t see how else we will remember to do anything. Once the plans are made, send your ladies an electronic calendar invite with the Date, Time, Venue, and Address. Oh, and a fun emoji (or 3) is also very helpful.
  5. Confirm the Day Before: This is what I did not do, and my previously mentioned friend forgot. The day before, text message everyone with a fun reminder (and more emojis).

Have fun…laughter is the best restoration, and girlfriends provide a type of laughter no one else can. I love you, Ladies!!!


Andrea Graye :)