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Move Forward, But…

Recently, I was watching the Real Housewives of New York and noticed that every time there was an emotional blowup of sorts, one of the women would inevitably say something like, “I just want to move forward.” That’s great, but they kept wanting to “move forward” without at all addressing the terrible thing they did (or that was done to them by a fellow RHONY costar). We all need to live in the present and look to the future, never letting the past hold us back. BUT, we must first deal with what happened. If we don’t, we won’t heal, and we’ll never really move past it. It’s hard, but I’ll hold your hand. Here’s how we do it….

  1. Believe facing the truth will make things better. Ignoring something that actually happened doesn’t make it go away. Truth is the most freeing thing in the world. Most people avoid truth. Don’t let them mislead you.
  2. Don’t let fear get in your way. Take a deep breath and trust that things will get better.  Know that a really great life was planned for you, and addressing the garbage from our past is what will finally free us to move forward and claim that life.
  3. Face it head on. Even when something that we need to address feels really big, we can address it quickly. I think we can incorrectly believe that “working through” an issue can take weeks, months, or even years. Thankfully, I’ve learned firsthand, this isn’t true. When I’ve faced something head on, let go of all fear, and just did it, I’ve worked through an issue in less than a day. This is good news. If I can do it, you can do it.
  4. Let God heal you. I don’t write about God much. This is because everyone feels differently about God, and I don’t want to isolate anyone. However, there are times, when He is the only answer, and what I’m saying to you won’t make any sense unless I’m transparent with you that He is what changed a situation for me. There have been very unfortunate things that I’ve needed to be healed of. The only thing that got me through it was whole-heartedly believing that He could and would heal me. I turned to Him, cried, and said, “Please. Please heal me.” And then He did.
  5. Move on, and now, don’t look back. This is the best part. Once we have addressed what we need to and we are healed, we fly forward and never need to look back. We can celebrate the life we were always meant to have and focus our mind on good, new things.

This is hard, but it is very important to do. I’ve done it. While I was going through it, it seemed impossible. It seemed like the worst thing I could ever imagine. BUT, NOW THAT I’M ON THE OTHER SIDE, I can clearly see it was 100% necessary, and it was the only way that I can now live freely without anything feeling like it’s being held over me.



Andrea Graye :)