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My View from Here

Amid these longest days and shortest nights since the summer solstice began, we are definitely in the thick of things, and that means the heat of the summer. These hot and humid days and nights have me wishing for the slightest breeze. A breeze that will bring a waft of those fragrant, lush flowers we toiled over earlier in the season. Now, looking out into the brightest sun or the deepest shade, it’s my time to sit back and enjoy the view around my home, from every window and patio door, and on my decks and porch. All these views have a focal point that catches my eye, which includes not only landscaping, perennials, and roses, but vignettes I’ve set up with containers, lawn ornaments, and garden statuary, including a 5 foot tall cement statue that was my grandmother’s….The Blessed Virgin Mary given to me by my aunt and uncle when they moved from the old homestead.

Looking around, there is always something to hold my gaze. On one side of my house there are flowering shrubs and 18 feet tall Arborvitaes lining my driveway. On the other side, where there is mostly shade, on my small deck a flower is displayed in my urn-shaped, iron, pedestal plant holder. On the lawn beyond that, several bird feeders are lined up to fill some hungry bellies, including the squirrels and chipmunks! In my back yard, surrounding my pool fence, flower beds are filled with perennials inside and out. There are rose gardens, arbors covered in roses, containers of flowers, a row of apple, pear, and peach trees….and more roses. Ferns fill in under the crabapple tree, happy to be in the shade. The border in front of my house is lined with trees, flowering shrubs, junipers, and hosta plants. Right next to that, along my front porch, beds with stacked stone walls to hold back the soil are filled with hosta plants. My courtyard has a large potted Japanese maple tree. For easy access, the deck near my kitchen has containers filled with vegetables and herbs. My porch and decks are home to the many flower-filled containers, hanging baskets, and places to sit and enjoy the views!

The flower-filled containers my daughter and I planted are overflowing with annuals that put on a show from spring to fall, and they never skip a beat. The perennials, roses, fruit trees, and flowering shrubs take turns blooming throughout the season, so it’s nice to see those hardworking annuals forever blooming. Then, there is nature taking it’s course, doing some planting of seeds for me. The black-eyed Susan, purple coneflower, and phlox reseed themselves and pretty much go anywhere they please. My husband digs some up and transplants them in other areas that need more visual impact.

I hope I’ve given you inspiration to add some visual impact to your view, whether looking out your window, on your porch, deck, or balcony, or laying on your hammock in the shade. Just by placing a hanging basket, a few containers here or there, or even a window box (which is my next project) filled with flowers or plants of vivid or soft colors and of different textures and fragrances, you’re on your way to a new view the whole summer long!

My work is done….well, almost! I’ll have myself a glass of ice tea and a porch swing to relax in. Now a toast. Here’s to you and a view!

The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it. Genesis 2:15

(photo taken at Baron’s Cove)