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New Year’s Resolution: Healthy Hair!

Winter in NYC sounds so beautiful when you picture Central Park under a light blanket of snow….but for most of us this is not the reality of the situation! We are most likely trekking single file through barely shoveled sidewalks that feel like wind tunnels. Each gust drying out our skin and whipping our hair into knots, only to step into an office building blowing compressed heat on us drying us out even more! How do we win the battle against the environmental winter effects on our hair?

  • A half hour steam shower sounds great on a frigid morning, but when it comes to washing your hair use cool to room temperature water. This will keep more moisture in your hair. Shampoo strips moisture from the scalp and hair, so try to go longer in between washing your locks. Use a good Dry Shampoo to use on days you are not shampooing. Also, use a good Hydrating Conditioner and Hair Mask. Use the mask on the ends of your hair for about 15 minutes once a week.
  • Invest in a Wet Brush. Although it seems like a typical paddle brush, it is structured to not cause damage because hair is more delicate when wet. This is especially true for hair that is chemically damaged, dry, and weak.
  • Avoid blow drying and using hot tools like flat irons and curling irons too often. When you are blow drying use a Hydrating Cream beforehand. These creams cut blow dry time in half and also add memory to the hair, which keeps a bouncy blow out looking fresher longer. Focus on the ends, and not on the root. Since we want to go longer in between shampooing in winter we don’t want a lot of product in our roots unless it’s a dry texture spray or a dry shampoo.
  • Braiding your hair although originally seems like a summer style, is good for winter because it will protect your tresses from becoming entangled in the windy winter months. Sleeping with your hair in a braid is also important to prevent knots in the nape and waking up next to your beau looking like Chewbacca. The original 3-strand braid is always a hit, especially when you coat your locks in a Dry Texture Spray, which adds slight grit and makes it easier to deconstruct to look more romantic and fuller. The textured look is important to start with so as your scarf and hood rub up against your hair throughout the day, the rougher it gets, the prettier it looks. A style that is not based upon perfect placement is much more realistic to combat the winter winds.

You know your hair best! It is important not to overdo it! Do not smother yourself in oil and creams and masks and wonder why your hair is greasy looking like a swamp monster! Use my advice accordingly….less is more sometimes except when it comes to layers… stay warm out there ladies!