Office Shoes You Can Actually Walk In!

The other day at the office, Husband and I impromtuly (that’s not a word, but I don’t see a real one that sounds like me and gets my point across) decided we would go shopping after work. Yaay! I love shopping with Husband. The only downside, was that when I chose my never-been-worn (aka “never-been-broken-in) DVF pumps to wear that morning, I did not know I’d be marching around my favorite stores in them while shopping for the new season’s greatest treasures.

About an hour into the adventure, I stopped dead in my tracks in the center of the men’s suiting department, and declared there was no way I could march any further. The pain, the blisters, the fatigue…I just couldn’t bare it. What an unacceptable reason for a shopping evening to be cut short!!!

The following day, I was scheduled to shop for spring and summer shoes to use for styling. I bandaged up my feet, slipped on my most forgiving ballet flats, and hoped I could miraculously find utterly chic heels that would not further injure me as I traipsed around OFF 5TH testing them out. Because of my aversion to anything that wasn’t an UGG slipper, I ended up selecting this amazing assortment of fabsy heels that cuddle and love our feet AND they can be worn to the office!

Halston Heritage Leather Point-Toe D’Orsay Pumps (color: BLACK)

Halston Heritage Leather Point-Toe Booties (color: BUFF)

Isa Tapia Juan Leather Flats (color: BLACK)

Here’s to happy feet!


Andrea Graye :)