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Perfecting the Natural Brow

Eyebrows are very important. We need to be protective of them, because they can be easily over-waxed. I avoid waxing all together and instead have learned how to perfect the “natural brow.” Here’s my easy technique:

  1. Brow BrushUse a brow brush to “organize” your eyebrow. Carefully brush all the little hairs in the direction they grow.
  2. Precision Tweezers: Take a pair of very sharp tweezers and pull out each hair in between your two eyebrows. Then remove any hair from the bottom of your eyebrow that looks obviously out of place and not part of the natural line of your eyebrow.
  3. Small Scissors: Brush your eyebrow once more. Look at the hair closest to your nose. These ones tend to grow too long. Trim them so they don’t look like they are “hanging.”

My most important tip to having gorgeous brows is to STOP tweezing and STOP trimming the second we are feeling lost, confused, or overwhelmed about it. Take a break and then look in the mirror again in a few hours to properly assess if there’s anything left to do.

Good luck!

Andrea Graye :)