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PM Routine: Makeup Removal

In my Fast Morning Makeup artcile I told you that I use to dread putting on makeup. One of the reasons was that once the makeup was on, it had to come back off…and once it was time for that, I was usually exhausted and It was coming between me and my white down pillow. But not to fear, Ladies! I came up with a plan for easy makeup removal (and skincare!) to combat this big problem-o….

  • Wipes- CLINIQUE Take the Day Off wipes are magic on earth! I’ve tried so many ways to get waterproof mascara off and these are by far the fastest, most effective, least messy option. They remove all my other makeup as well!
  • Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize- With the help of Graye Note’s skincare specialist, Jennifer Cohen, I found RODAN + FIELD’s REDEFINE line has the best cleanser and toner for me and their SOOTHE line has the best moisturizer for my skin type. My article, Tested: RODAN + FIELDS…Can It Live Up to the Hype?, has the details for you to find the right skincare regimen for you :).
  • Lip Treatment- Moisturized lips are a must. We must care for them the same way we must care for the rest of our face. I love using Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy at night. It’s the only lip treatment that doesn’t irritate me and prevents peeling.

The more often we implement our makeup removal routine, the faster and easier it will be!


Andrea Graye :)