Prep ‘n’ Check for Spring!

Looking back on those mid-winter days, I thought about how winter in my area had been kind to us. But even so, the view out my window was colorless and dull, except for a few patches of green grass holding out, taunting winter to be it’s final demise until Spring. Well, taunt no more, it did happen! We had the worst cold streak, which definitely got me hunkered down with hot tea in hand. I figured if there was ever a good time to prepare a checklist for Spring, it was now…..I didn’t want to get caught unaware at the last minute!

Here are the basics to get started:

First and foremost, gardening gloves. I have many pairs of gloves; they’re used for specific things such as planting, weeding, cleaning and rose pruning. I personally designate different gloves for different projects. This pair will be good for all of your needs. bit.ly/1QYv4dG

Depending on your whereabouts, gardening clogs and/or boots (Wellies as some call them).  bit.ly/1STncMY 

Gardening tools: a hand trowel bit.ly/1RldyDR, spade (for outdoor gardening), a hand cultivator, watering can, pruning shears or snips, and scissors. Plant markers, stakes, and ties come in handy too. bit.ly/1pAFAiE

To keep it all together? A bucket, to hold my handheld tools (a tote will do). It affords me the luxury of being able to carry them around the garden where I need to use them, and to keep them all in one place so I don’t have to go on a scavenger hunt to find them! bit.ly/1UA6emQ

Other “tools” that assist and guide me in planning my garden and containers are garden design and landscape books, along with gardening magazines and catalogs. I use them for inspiration on plants and projects I’d like to try, do’s and don’ts, and what’s new on the market. gardensalive.com/ gardeners.com/home

The Old Farmer’s Almanac is not only good for weather forecasts and history, frost date for my area, moon phase and planting calendar, but also for its great articles, such as gardening and canning “how-to.” bit.ly/192gSO7

The arrival of the Spring seed and plant catalogs has me bubbling over with anticipation and excitement! Dog-eared pages fill those catalogs, and staying within my budget takes a lot of discipline, determination, and restraint! bit.ly/1Lr6CCL

My Gardening Journal is a most definite! I write down what to do, when to do it, what I’ve done, where I’ve put it, and the outcome. Or just a reflection on the day, and the glory of the garden regardless of the outcome.

Last but not least are gardening programs at my local library that I have marked on my calendar, an ongoing list of garden and flower shows, such as Macy’s Flower Show (from 3/20 to 4/03, in 5 cities) mcys.co/1TOmh1r , and, the botanical gardens I would love to see. The New York Botanical Garden, celebrating it’s 125th Anniversary this year, is one of them!

Soon I’ll take inventory of all the containers, pots, and planting vessels I already own. I’ll make note of their condition and check if I need more potting soil or plant food, etc.

Since March came in like a kitten this year, Spring has a jump-start on us, and we’re all “deer in the headlights” that we might fall behind in our Spring endeavors! Relax, there’s time.

Now, I’ll sit back, and start planning my garden and deck containers. There’s always something else I can think of that I “need” to prep for Spring, but at least I have reassured myself I have everything in check.

Happy Spring!