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Quick and Easy Valentine’s Day Hair

If you are a single female in NYC, like me, chances are your BIG Valentine’s Day plans include a nice meal with your very best, single gal pal and the fanciest bottle of wine you can cuddle up with. (C’mon, it’s a holiday! Treat yourself! If YOU don’t love you, who will?)

You should also treat your locks just as well! This Valentine’s Day, celebrate with a fun side bun. With February 14th falling on a Tuesday this year, you’ll thank me for this quick and easy coiffure that you can manage right after a long day’s work!

  • First, start by spraying your hair with a Heat Protectant.
  • Next, with your fingers, manipulate a Hydrating Cream through your hair.
  • Then, mist your hair with a Hairspray and brush through your hair to ensure the hairspray is from roots to ends.
  • Work clockwise around your head and begin to curl your hair in 1 inch by 1 inch sections with a wand or a curling iron.
  • When you are finished curling, spray each section from roots to ends with a Dry Texture Spray. Run your fingers through your hair and you will feel it grit up in your hands. This will not only add volume to your root, it will texturize your ends and make them look like they have thicker, fatter curls.
  • Gather your hair on the heavier side and wrap it into a bun with an elastic band. Make sure the ends stick out about an inch to two inches and can fall over your bun. Spread out your bun to make it look fuller and to accentuate the curls. Use bobby pins to hold the bun in place. Pull out some pieces to make it look more romantic, especially around the face.
  • Last, pull areas of the crown out slightly to add some volume and texture to the look.

This look pairs nicely with a dress or blouse for dinner. In case the weather is bad, you can easily bundle up with your Valentine’s Day side bun. Place a scarf around your neck or even throw a hood over your hair without messing it up!

Your new side bun will show off your beautiful face and keep the hair out of your delicious meal that you are enjoying with your bestie. Happy Valentine’s Day, ladies! Remember: you should love yourself this much all 365 days of the year!