Regal Navy on the Red Carpet!

I LOVE fashion, and Red Carpets epitomize why I became a stylist! They can be a wonderful fairytale, with the dreamiest creations making women feel like princesses. And, they can have such a huge, positive influence on fashion for the rest of the ladies in this world!

Because I’m so passionate about how wonderful red carpets can and should be, I become very angry when they are NOT. This was the case for the Golden Globes last night.

But, in an effort to move past all the hideousness and disappointment that makes it too hard for me to even speak, I’m going to point out a celebratory note: regal navy in velvet and sparkle took the carpet by storm last night! This is super exciting for me, as I was utterly obsessed with these elements this past holiday season!!!! I become so excited when I style you ladies in looks BEFORE everyone else is wearing them!!!  That’s what I’m here for: keeping my fabulous readers AHEAD of the trends!!!!

Love you all!

Andrea Graye :)