Holiday Fashion: Resort Chic

I love being on the beach any day of the year…even around the wintery holidays! So, I have styled a chic “Resort” look for all of us who seek sand, sun, and salt this holiday season!

1) Straw Hat: A cool straw hat is an absolute must when you are at the beach! It instantly puts you back together by hiding your frizzy, wind-blow hair…there’s no reason not to remain chic while at the beach!

2) Woven Beach Dress: I’m in love with glamorous, long, beach dresses!  They can easily be worn over your swimsuit, while providing the full-coverage that allows you to go from shopping in town, to having lunch at the resort’s restaurant, to hitting the beach!

3) Bright Tankini: When I’m in the Hamptons, I typically prefer sticking to low-key colors for my swimsuits.  I can’t specifically explain why…when it comes to fashion, I just “feel” things.  Currently, the Hamptons  makes me “feel” under-the-radar hues.  BUT, when I’m some place tropical, like a Caribbean island, I love infusing a nice pop of color into my beachwear.  With this tankini, I’m popping with the bottoms.  (My husband likes my pop because he sees it as a “safety device!”  I’m so in love with the ocean that I always stay out flopping in the waves much longer than he does…when I’m wearing a neon swimsuit he can keep track of me easily from his lounger on the beach!)  top in color navy: / bottom in color cobalt:

4) Metallic Flat Sandals: For resort this year, I absolutely needed a flat metallic sandal with a strap across the toes, as well as a strap around the ankle.  It’s what I envisioned in my mind for this look, and any other style simply would not do!  I searched everywhere, and I was absolutely THRILLED when I found this pair from Yosi Samra!!!!

5) Metallic Tote: Being on the beach, in no way, means we can carry a hideous bag. So, I have found us a gorgeous one that will comfortably fit all of our necessary belongings and will look ultra chic with our beach dress!  Just like the dress, this bag is so FABULOUS that we can bring it everywhere!

Have fun turning golden in the sun for the holidays…is there any better gift than the perfect tan?!


Andrea Graye :)