Run Like a Marathoner (or at Least Look Like One)

I’ve become an athlete!  Yay!  This is a whole new world for me and I am totes loving it.  There’s so much involved…not only are there millions of ways of actually exercising to discover, there is the equally important component of considering my athletic wardrobe!  Do you think true athletes refer to their workout gear as a wardrobe?  I’m fairly certain nothing I do resembles the way others do it, so I have asked my BFF aka Marathon SuperStar, Stephanie, to be our athletic consultant.  Today, we’ll be asking her what we should wear to become the inner superstar athlete we were created to be!

Andrea:  Is it important to wear different types of workout clothing depending on the activity you’re doing?

Stephanie: Absolutely! …(With) running, there are different outfits for different workouts. I like to wear something tight for speed work and something with lots of pockets for long runs :).  

Andrea: What are your perfect “I can set a Personal Record in this outfit” items?

Stephanie:  If it is a marathon, I LOVE the new Oiselle Toolbelt Roga Short (  They are every bit as awesome and flattering as the original Roga, but with added easy-access pockets to hold fuel on long runs. 

Stephanie: For shorter races, I’m a fan of the Oiselle Stride Short (  They come in a shorter version, which is perfect for racing. They still have plenty of coverage and are built for speed!  

Stephanie: I love (the) Oiselle Shimmel for a top (  It is slim fitting and even has a built-in bra.

Stephanie: (And) I often wear a hat to shield me from the elements (

Andrea: Do you find yourself in Oiselle clothing even when you’re not working out?  Say, maybe when you’re going out to dinner…. (So, I HAD to ask her this question as a little “friend joshing,” because she recently showed up at my apartment to go out to dinner in Chelsea on a Saturday night wearing running pants!  But seriously, whenever she wears Oiselle clothing, she truly looks a-maze!)

Stephanie: Honestly, I sport Oiselle every single day. Much of what they design can be worn running, to work, out on the town (Andrea’s note: “See, I wasn’t lying about dinner in Chelsea.”), or to pick the kiddo up at school and lounge in. They add more and more lifestyle pieces every season and have recently changed their sizing system from s/m/l to the numerical system for a better fit. I love Oiselle’s clothes. I am always comfortable in them and I think I look best when wearing them. Oiselle even has a new running wedding/bridesmaid dress line that I am loving right now. I seriously just want to wear the dress to an event, not just to run.

Andrea: I can’t interview a marathon runner without asking you to share some workout secrets for us all to become the best athlete we can be :).

Stephanie: I firmly believe that you get out of something what you put in. Working hard yields results. A cookie cutter training plan won’t work for everyone. Once I hired my coach (Coach Mollie from Piece of Cake Running-, my times started dropping. I’ve taken off an hour from my marathon time. Individualized training and accountability has helped me immensely!

Andrea: I must point out that this incredible improvement came AFTER you had a baby!!!!  Now, I am new to the life of an athlete, and I have never been pregos, but I have to imagine that you and Coach Mollie are extra super for you to PR like this post-baby carrying :)!

Now, let’s all getting athleting it up and check back regularly for more tips from Stephanie!


Andrea :)