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Scouted: Hamptons

The Hamptons!!!! Need I say more? I really love the Hamptons. They are such a magically dreamy place. The beaches are gorgeous and the shops are adorable. It’s like the Upper East Side at the ocean. The problem is that once May hits, it is nearly impossible to find a place to stay. Houses rent for the month and cost more money than most people’s mortgage for an entire year. But, do not fret, I have found the perfect place to stay for a few nights:

Scouted: Baron’s Cove

Rooms: The rooms are small but have been recently renovated. The mattresses and pillows are comfy and the sheets are soft. I like the second floor rooms because many of them have glass walk-in showers instead of the tubs with shower curtains that the first floor rooms have. The benefit of the first floor rooms, however, is a small little private picnic table.

Food/Drinks: The food here is truly delicious. AND they make a strong Shirley Temple! There is a lounge that serves food at night and a full restaurant on the second floor. They also have room service and an outdoor terrace.

Beach: Baron’s Cove provides you with beach passes. This is very important because it’s extremely difficult to go to a beach in the Hamptons if you are not a resident. They also give you beach chairs, umbrellas, and towels to use. If you have children, Foster Memorial Beach (also known as “Long Beach”) right in Sag Harbor is great because the water is very calm and there are restrooms.

Pool: There is food and drink service at the pool and comfortable lounge chairs and umbrellas. The pool is a decent size but can get crowded.

Service: The staff is very friendly. In the summer, there are a lot of college kids working here who you can tell are trying really hard to do a great job.

Flights: I drive out to the Hamptons from Manhattan. But, there are Helicopters available to avoid traffic.

Transportation: Baron’s Cove offers complimentary bicycles. They also have a complimentary shuttle service to the beach in Sag Harbor.

Good News/Warning: I recognize the following is “good news” for some but definitely falls under “warning” for others. Children are allowed at Baron’s Cove. They aren’t allowed at many of the other options in the Hamptons. This means many of them end up here. That’s great for families. For people who do not have children, the pool will probably seem unnecessarily loud.

Husband’s Notes: 

  • In the Village Building, the rooms facing east have a nice view of the water as you leave the room (west rooms face the woods).
  • The bar stocks some unique beers, but I like Corona in the warm weather, and they don’t serve it. The rooms have beverage fridges, so you can bring some of your own.
  • Access to the rooms is via an outdoor deck. This creates some noise from people walking, especially to first floor rooms.

Happy Hamptons!

Andrea Graye & Ryan Glotzbecker :)