Spring Ahead Before It’s Time!

The English proverb “good things come to those who wait” must have been penned by someone who lived in the tropics and never had to go through a winter. We all know it’s not quite time to turn our clocks ahead, but let’s face it, we all want something before it’s time. And for me, that would be Spring!

If patience eludes you too, and you need to spring ahead right now, here’s some insight and direction on how to jump start the season by forcing flower bulbs indoors. No, you don’t literally force bulbs to go inside….you force them to bloom inside!

The easiest bulbs to force are the Paperwhites (Narcissus). Since they are tropical bulbs they don’t need a freezing period in order to bloom. amzn.to/1T6nVeF

This is so easy you’re going to think you’ve missed a step!

1. You’ll need a tall, wide mouth, clear glass cylinder or hurricane vase. The taller the better, since Paperwhites tend to flop over from being top heavy when flowering. amzn.to/1QqjoBp  or  amzn.to/1oPOIPr

2. Place polished river stones on the bottom of your glass cylinder or vase. (Pile them about 2- 4 inches deep depending on the height of your vase). amzn.to/1L30FMb

3. Position the bulbs flat side (roots) down/pointed side up, and anchor them with more river stones to make sure they don’t tip over. Do not cover the tops of the bulbs.

4. Add water only until it comes up to (touches) the base of the bulbs, and make sure you keep it to that level. Also, if too much of the bulb sets in water the bulb will rot.

5. Keep them away from direct sunlight until they are firmly rooted (through the clear glass you’ll see the roots growing), then move them to a sunny window.

In as little as four to six weeks you’ll have fragrant blooms that will be certain to put a smile on your face and Spring in the air!

After the flowers fade, throw the bulbs out and start again.

To plant bulbs in intervals, so you can always have something blooming, store unused bulbs in a dark, cool place, and allow air to circulate around them until your ready to “plant” them.

Here’s a tip that’s even easier for forcing bulbs! Use a single bulb vase! Just add water! Bulb vases are only made for one bulb at a time, so you may want a few of these vases. etsy.me/1L2vVLe

I hope forcing Paperwhites will give you the feeling Spring has arrived at your home!

Until then, patience is a virtue, but at the same time, may the “force” be with you!