Spring Fashion: Brunch with the Girls

Our “brunch with the girls” look is by far our most exciting and adventurous spring outfit!  I chose bright colors and fun patterns to enjoy while we are sipping mimosas and laughing with our besties :).

Floral Layered Lightweight Woven Dresses: The most exciting part of this outfit is the TWO different dresses we are layering in TWO different fabulous prints!  Buy your top layer in color “Mint Cream” and buy it 2 sizes larger than your normal size (  This will ensure it falls perfectly over your secondary dress (  (I know this “secondary” dress is plus size, but it is made of thin fabric and it will fit well under your “top layer” dress…plus, it’s oversized nature will be cute and will stick out the bottom of the top dress.)

Camel Pointed-Toe Slides: I really love the appearance of these shoes.  The camel-colored leather is so PERFECT for spring, and the fact that it’s a slide, makes it easy to slip on and go, which is exactly what you want on the weekend.   (I am either a 7 or 7.5 in shoes. In this pair, I needed to take a 7.5.)

Cognac Cross-Body Bag: Just like I love the ease that a slide provides our feet, I love the ease a cross-body bag provides our arms.  We don’t have to deal with carrying the bag in the palm of our hand, or on our forearm, or on our shoulder. It’s just on our bod and out of our way! (Please remove the braided tassel before wearing; this will make it chic!)

Gold Delicate Multi-Strand Long Necklace: Since we are having fun and being adventurous with the outfit, it’s absolutely necessary that we pile on the jewelry. Whenever our goal is to  “pile jewelry,” it’s great to start with a multi-strand necklace.  It’s easy and cost effective. (Wear this necklace in between the two dress layers.)

Gold Chunky Bracelet: I’m obsessed with this bracelet.  It’s so dramatic and chic!

Gold Chunky Watch: As I’ve written before, I absolutely LOVE oversized watches. Forever 21 makes the greatest, lowest priced “gold” watches!  There’s just two minor notes: they are obvi not real gold, and they tend not to actually tell time.  But, that’s fine, because iPhy (that’s my iPhone) always tells me the time.

Gold Delicate Rings: This season, I’m really all about mixing chunky jewelry with delicate jewelry.  So, for this look, I’ve decided our delicate pieces will be on our fingers!

Happy layering, laughing, and mimosa-ing!


Andrea Graye :)