Spring Fashion: Date Night

For our date night look this season, I wanted the outfit to be all about the tank blouse.  I love this style top because it perfectly captures a laid-back, yet put-together vibe.  It’s laid-back because it is the shape of a tank top, but the fact that it’s made out of a woven, blouse fabric, makes it put- together.  To continue this vibe, I’ve paired it with denim and a pair of stilettos.

Pale Pink Tank Blouse: I selected our tank blouse in this exact shade of pink because it is very feminine and playful…perfect for a date!  (This top requires a couple of stylist tricks.  I always look for items of clothing that are easy to wear but sometimes they do not exist. For this top, we need to wear a flesh tone or pink camisole because otherwise it is see-thru.  The second thing we need to do is either wear a strapless bra or use double-stick tape ( to fasten our bra strap to the blouse.  The tape goes on the inside of your blouse and will not ruin this specific fabric.)

Dark Straight Leg Denim: A pair of jeans is always flattering in an extremely dark shade of blue.  This pair is straight leg, which means it has a narrow leg opening at the bottom, but it is not skin-tight like a skinny jean.  I like the way this leg opening falls over the top of a pair of pumps (and it’s a fresher take on slim jeans than the skinny jean!)

Black Pointed-Toe Stilettos: For this outfit, the pump I chose is the most flattering for our legs.  When the very dark denim meets the black pump, it makes the shoe look like an extension of our leg, which makes our legs look longer.  Our legs will also be lengthened because the shoe is made of smooth leather and the heel is tall and sleek versus the shoe being a textured leather with a chunky heel.  If we wore a chunky heel, or a mulit-colored heel, it would clearly separate our pants from our shoes, which would make our legs look shorter and wider.  Another factor that would put us in that short and stout category, would be a textured shoe.  One last element I looked for in this pump to lengthen and flatter our legs, is a pointed toe. High:  / Low:

Bone Clutch: I chose a clutch in this very neutral color because I wanted it to blend and flow with the color of the blouse.  (For total chicness, tuck the strap into the clutch, and carry the clutch in your hand; avoid using the shoulder strap with this outfit.)

Short Pendant Necklace with Pale Pink Stone: This necklace is great, because I wanted the overall feel for our jewelry for this look to be delicate.  I don’t want it to feel overdone, because that looks like we are trying too hard.  

Thin Silver and Gold Bangles: Even when I’m keeping jewelry simple, one piece is just NOT enough.  So, in addition to our necklace, I chose a few simple bangles to complete the look.

With having to “stylist-trick our blouse,” this outfit requires putting more work into it than I typically like, but if there’s one place I’ll put in a little extra work, it’s date night!  Are you with me ladies?!  xoxoxo!

Andrea Graye :)