Spring Fashion: Rainy Day in a Chic Way!

Just because it’s a rainy day doesn’t mean we need to forego our right to be chic!

After years of living in Manhattan and having to walk through mud puddles and rainstorms just to get to work, I devised the perfect rainy-day outfit to keep us looking fabulous.  The best part is, it’s not too “heavy,” so we won’t overheat as we power walk down the street while trying to keep dry on a rainy spring day.

Rain Coat: This coat is great because it offers a feminine shape.  I love that it has a zip-front closure instead of double-breasted buttons, because it offers clean visual lines and is flattering on all body types.  The collar can be worn either folded down or popped up; and the hood is removable so you can also wear this as a regular spring coat, when it is not even rainy.  The gold detail of the zippers and buttons add some spiff for the dreary day….we don’t need to look like a sack of coal just because it’s raining.

Rain Hat: Depending on our hair type, wind speed, amount of humidity, and number of drops per second, sometimes a hood is not enough.  So, I found this adorable little rain hat that we can tuck under our hood (or wear by itself), to protect our gorgeous locks.

Rain Boot: I’ve literally been searching for eight years for this boot and finally, this year, it exists. The rubber is durable and the silhoutte looks like a beautiiful pair of leather riding boots. I have provided two links because not all sizes are always available from one store. or

Umbrella: This umbrella is cute and cozy.  It has a dome shape, so it keeps you drier than other umbrellas.  And, it is see-through, so you can pull it down in front of your face without taking people out when you march down the sidewalk.  This will be particularly helpful to my 4′ 11″ mother who carries a golf size umbrella, horizontally, while marching at defenseless oncoming humans who are going to be unknowingly struck down by her “sword.”

Dress: There is nothing better than a bright pop of color on an otherwise dark day. It will cheer you up and add that dash of pizazz you need as it peeks out from underneath your raincoat.

This outfit is so fabulous that it will make us giddy when it is a rainy day!


Andrea Graye :)