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Spring Fashion: Weekend

I love weekends in the spring. I love spending them outside in the sunshine with a perfectly-temperatured breeze….and a margarita in my hand. This year, I’m envisioning this blissful weekend spent in gorgeous prints and blue-green silk!

  • Sleeveless Blue Blouse: I’m really liking very saturated hues of blue this season.
  • Lightweight Scarf: This scarf is gorgeous in color way, “Pine Needle.” Wrap it around your neck once and loosely tuck it into the front of your blouse. This adds another level of interest to your look! And it’s cozy.
  • Printed Silk Narrow-Leg Pants: Select a print that has blue and/or green in it and it will go marvelously with your blouse and scarf. Don’t worry about it perfectly “matching.” It’s much chicer not to have to same exact color.
  • Tan Pointed-Toe Suede Stilettos: These will prevent your pants from looking like pajamas. “Pajama” dressing has been a trend but I don’t like. There’s nothing chic about wearing something that looks exactly like pajamas at work or in a restaurant.

Happy Weekend!

Andrea Graye :)