Spring Fashion: Work to Wear

For spring this year, my whole ideal outfit for the office started with the shoes.  I had this image in my mind of the perfect pair of caramely-colored, pointed toe pumps. This image was derived from Prada cut-out pumps, massacred, by stepping in purple icing at a bridal shower, combined with “vintage” Steve Madden’s, that developed a very patinaed look from being on the receiving end of one too many Cosmos.  I searched high and low for this hero piece I needed for this season’s wardrobe, but as it turns out, no one’s designing shoes with these methods.  So, I had to settle for a very new looking pair of Steve Madden’s that I’m sure I will patina in no time with all the coffee I drink at the office.

Once I found the shoe, I based the entire remainder of the outfit around it.  I wanted a very new take on a lady-like “suit” look.

Short-Sleeve Jacket: I can’t think of anything more genius than a short-sleeved, structured, textured jacket for spring.  It’s so new and fresh looking, as well as functional.

3/4 Sleeve Blouse: To keep the proportions of the short-sleeve jacket chic, we must layer a 3/4 sleeve blouse underneath it.

A-Line Lace Skirt: The perfect juxtaposition to our structured jacket is a softly-draped, lace A-line skirt.

Caramel Pointed-Toe Pumps: And here they are!  The perfect neutral heel for spring.

Cognac Relaxed Leather Tote: When it comes to selecting a bag, the goal is to make sure it coordinates with our entire outfit.  For many years in fashion, it was a law that your shoes had to match your bag exactly.  Then it became “cool” to ensure that your bag and shoes did NOT match at all.  I don’t buy into either of those philosphies.  I always say, just pick a bag that goes with the vibe of your outfit.  The vibe of this outfit is a playful take on a very lady-like office look.  To make it modern, we’re adding a twist of  laid-back professional, which is exactly what this bag will do for us.  High: / Mid: / Low:

Gold Short Chunky Necklace: This season, my favorite way to wear jewelry is to mix delicate gold pieces with chunky gold pieces. To wear just one style would be utterly boring!

Gold Long Delicate Chevron Necklace: (28″)

Gold Cocktail Ring:

I hope spring has sprung where all of you ladies live. Have fun embracing our new spring fashion, and let it make going to work more fun!


Andrea Graye