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Staying in Shape with an Injury

My bestie, Steph Viloria, recently busted up her toe running into her beautiful little girl’s pack and play (I think that’s what it’s called. I’m not good with baby jargon). Being an amazing marathon runner who is a member of the Oiselle Team, this could have been utterly devastating. But one of the great things about Steph is that she’s smart, remains determined, and finds solutions. She immediately came up with a new workout routine to stay in shape (and happy). Steph’s tips:

  • Less weight-bearing activities are best. Since her injury, she has been mostly using the bike trainer.
  • Run in the water (aqua jog) and swim. (The water is definitely the best place for me to exercise with my Multiple Sclerosis. It is extremely helpful for me to float on my back and stretch out to loosen my muscles and joints!)
  • Cross train for time rather than distance. If her schedule calls for 6 miles, she does 60 minutes instead.
  • Don’t forget your speed work! She works speed intervals in twice a week or so on the bike. She notes that it makes things less boring and keeps her cardiovascular fitness up. She usually does a 20 minute warm up and then alternates 2 minutes fast, 3 minutes moderate, for 40 minutes, then a 20 minute cool down (80 minutes total).
  • Stretch!
  • Foam Roll
  • Yoga
  • Steph has continued to visit the chiropractor during her injury so her body is ready to go once she’s healed!

Her last tip, which is crucial, is to rest/heal the right way now, so you don’t have to take off more time in the future. I hope we all heal quickly!!!

Andrea Graye :)