Stylist Tip: Buying Clothes that Last!

Have you ever found a top you love while shopping, looked at the price tag, and then thought, “How long will this last me before it falls apart?”

Unfortch, not all clothing made these days is good quality.  Even some items with high price tags won’t let you wear them more than twice!!  Yuck.  I’m so peeved that so much of the clothing industry has terribly low standards.

So, to help you navigate whether or not to fall in love with a blouse you find on the rack, here are my tips to finding quality products:

1) Know the difference between Wovens and Knits.  This tip refers to the way a piece of fabric is created.  The easiest reference point is to think about dress shirts and t-shirts.  A dress shirt is typically made out of a woven fabric, which gives it more structure.  And a t-shirt is typically made out of knit fabric, which makes it looser/stretchier.  If you were to compare a woven top to a knit top from the same exact brand, chances are, the woven will always outlast the knit.

2) When shopping online, look for the key words Chiffon and Georgette.  Both of these words refer to the fact that the fabric is a woven!

3) Read the tag sewn inside the item (or the description on the website) to find out what type of fiber it is made out of.  Wovens made out of Polyester are a good way to go when buying a top.  It doesn’t fade the same way cotton does, and polyester in this form is often used as a less expensive alternative to silk.  This is great for us, because in addition to saving money on the purchase price, we can also save money by avoiding dry cleaning.  Polyester is typically machine washable, while silk typically is not.

4) When reading the fiber info, avoid items that have rayon in them if you aren’t sure of the overall quality of the item.  Rayon is a very tricky fabric, that even when the manufacturer says you can wash, will often come out of your washing machine shrunken and/or distorted.

5) Don’t buy an item with embellishment if you don’t know if you can trust the brand that made it.  Sequins, beads, bows, ties, etc. will show an article of clothing’s age quickly if it’s not high quality.

To get you started on filling up your wardrobe with items that will last longer than one bottle of Prosecco, here is the perfect black, woven blouse from J.Crew!

Happy Shopping!!!!

Andrea Graye :)