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Summer Activities That Work for Kids at Different Ages

It’s summer! That means little ones are home from school and there’s lots of time every day that needs to be filled! Or so I imagine. As you know, I don’t have any cuties myself, but I am an observer of humans, and that goes for little ones as well. They seem to me to have an abundance of energy and a lot of time to kill. So, I want to help out all of you grown humans in charge of them.

I interviewed our Content Coordinator and Super Mom, Stephanie Viloria, to find out what the heck to do when you have kids that are different ages (she has two beauties, one is 5 years old and one is 9 months old!). Here’s her advice:

  1. Swimming- Stephanie’s 5 year old takes swimming lessons (which I think seems like a great safety measure for all kids) so she is comfortable in the water and knows how to navigate it, while her 9 month old hangs out in a Floating Activity Center.
  2. Bubbles
  3. Sidewalk Chalk
  4. Sand Box
  5. Sand and Water Table
  6. Splash Pad
  7. Playground and Toddler Swing

Enjoy your summer!

Andrea Graye :)