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Summer Hair Care

Summer is here and the livin’ is easy! You AND your hair must be ready for a vacation by now. This time of year, allow your natural tresses to flow against your summer fresh face and beach season glow. Here are some tips to keep your hair healthy all summer long, from Fire Island to the NYC rooftops!

  • Allow your hair to air dry! In order for your hair to dry properly, select the correct product your hair calls for. When I say properly, I mean know your hair type! If you have fine hair, use a Thickening Lotion. For frizzy hair, add something for Control. Blow-drying your hair can result in a smoother shine, but product also comes in handy! Blow-out creams and sprays reduce your blow-dry time by 50%. Bonus: most good products are UV protectant and anti-humectant.
  • If you are planning a day at the beach or by the pool, sunscreen is key! Every time you coat your body in SPF, douse your locks in the same sunscreen. Pull your hair off of your face in a braid so it doesn’t get knotty. Scarves and hats make great summer accessories if you have excessive damage. Bring a Detangler to the beach to help to tame your locks. Or, if you have a sleeker mane, you might want to throw in a Beach Spray to give your hair a tousled, effortless look.
  • Getting a glaze once a month will help keep your hair healthy because it restores your hair’s pH balance back to normal. This is like a mini salt water, hard water, and chlorine detox for your hair! If you have highlighted hair, or if your hair gets brassy in general, the glazes will tone your hair back to a more desired look.
  • For frizzy hair, seal that cuticle down with a keratin treatment! It will cut your blow-dry time in half, promote hair growth, and help your hair fight against the summer elements (such as UV rays, salt water, and chlorine). Even if your hair is not super frizzy, keratin adds protein to your hair, making it stronger and shinier!
  • Hair, just like our body, gets dehydrated in the summer! It is important to do oil treatments and conditioning treatments to keep your hair looking and feeling its best. Or, for an organic alternative, coconut oil does wonders for the hair!

Here’s to happy, healthy summer hair!