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Summer Hair Color

The weather is so back and forth this year. First, it is 85 degrees and sunny, then it is 40 degrees and rainy. Hair trends this summer are changing as quickly as our weather. Warm and cool are interchanging, and a little bit of everything is acceptable now.

Speaking of cool, the cool blondes are trending everywhere this year! When I say cool, I am referring to the ashier tone. We are steering away from Goldilocks and are now coloring hair to a very light ashy blonde. The icier the better for most, so be prepared to see ice princesses everywhere! Stay patient if you aren’t there yet. This look can be hard to achieve if your natural color is dark. You can still aim for an ashier/smokier look, just not in the light blonde family right away. I discuss this process, along with temporary color deposit shampoos and conditioners to switch up your platinum hair color often, in my 2017 Hair Color Trends . If you feel like your platinum quickly turns brassy, you may need to get a toner or incorporate a Purple Shampoo into your beauty routine.

If ice isn’t in your veins, and you’re a brunette like me, warm your hair up and add a pop of color! You can try caramel, red, purple, or “peek-a-boo” highlights, anything to add dimension and lightness. If you’re doing a fun color, consider the clothes that you wear the most to make sure that you won’t clash or need a whole new wardrobe! My hair is a blue to black reverse ombre, meaning the blue comes from my roots and fades to black. I love this idea for someone who has a lot of color buildup on their ends!

Bright colors and even “unicorn” hair are very popular right now. Pastel, metallic, and vibrant shades have been used for this pattern, which is a variation of rainbow hair. This look, however, must be applied to pre-lightened hair.

I think it’s fair to say that dimensional, fun, bohemian hippie chic hair is what’s in right now for hair color and style. Enjoy the warmth, brighten up, lighten up, and cool down this summer!