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Summer Swim Story

You know that I like to be “appropriate” at all times. I just don’t see anything at all chic about being nude in public. What’s the point? Anyway, this can provide quite the challenge when shopping for swimsuits. But don’t fret if you too don’t want to be nude-o in public. I’ve found 7 swimsuit combos for us this summer:

  1. Light Turquoise Top with Pool Bottom
  2. Light Turquoise Top with Coral Bottom
  3. Light Turquoise Top with White Bottom
  4. Olive Green Top with Coral Bottom
  5. Olive Green Top with White Bottom (from Resort)
  6. Black “Tank” Top with Black Bottom
  7. Black Strapless Top with Black Bottom

Have fun keeping it chic (and covered)!

Andrea Graye :)