Swimsuits Should Not Need a Parental Guidance Warning

We’ve all seen it: we’re lounging at the beach trying to soak up the sun, listen to the waves wash up onto the sand, and unwind…when suddenly the most unrelaxing image comes into focus….a human who forgot to properly cover up before entering the public stratosphere.  Could anything be more upsetting on your otherwise perfect day off!?  I have eyes, People, and they don’t want to be seeing all of you!

So, here’s my sure-fire solution to keeping ourselves, to ourselves:

  1. Buy this swimdress ( and chop the brief off (click here to watch my episode on cutting a seam without it unraveling:  This will turn the dress into a full coverage tankini top. And the bonus is this style comes in bra sizing for a custom fit!
  2. Buy this beach skort ( to pair with your newly created tankini top.  These are the most comfortable (and most covering) swim bottoms I’ve ever worn!  I literally wear them under my dresses on my 6 hour flights to LA!  They have a cute skirt, and underneath, they have a cozy short attached!

Note on mixing and matching colors: The Coral swimdress is NOT the same color as the Calypso beach skort, and they will NOT look good together.  Therefore, I pair my Coral swimdress with the Admiral (navy blue) beach skort :).  They look very chic together.

Happy Swimming (and if enough of us cross over to donning appropriate swimwear), Happy Beach-Gazing as well!


Andrea Graye