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What to Pack in Your Kids’ Lunch

Our Wellness Contributor, Tara Felice, is an expert at finding truly nutritious food that her kids will actually eat. That seems like a miracle to me, so I wanted to find out exactly what she packs in their school lunches to make all moms’ and dads’ lives easier. Here’s her list….

Feeling Fall Fashion

I think I say this every year: “I LOVE fall fashion!” It marks the beginning of a new year on the fashion calendar. However, these days, true fall clothing generally isn’t weather-appropriate until it’s almost time to stop wearing it! This is not acceptable because I’m certainly not going to march about Manhattan in my coral-colored beach dress just because it’s still 80 degrees. So, here’s the solution of what to wear instead….

Getting Dressed Can Be EASY!

There was definitely a time when I did NOT feel that getting dressed was easy. I love fashion so much and I always want to look on the outside how I feel on the inside, but I NEVER want it to take more than a few minutes to accomplish this goal. Once I got myself organized and streamlined my process, I was able to cut down the time immensely. I just need to stick to these simple steps…..

The Dress You Can Wear for Summer AND Fall!

I essentially like to shop any and EVERY day, but I find it challenging once we’re nearing the end of a season. I want new clothes, but I also want to be able to wear them more than once before I have to say goodbye until next year. The trick that solves this dilemma towards the end of summer is to find dresses that we can wear now AND are appropriate for fall. Here’s what we need to look for….

Banana Ginger Smoothie

Smoothies are out there…everywhere! You can’t get away from them, so you might as well join in. However, let’s join in the “right” way! Some smoothies are infused with so much sugar, processed flavors, and absolutely NO nutrition. I prefer a smoothie that is high in protein and fiber, which can make you feel fuller, is nourishing, and has less calories. This recipe includes ginger. I LOVE ginger because of its many benefits. It can be a pain reliever, help with digestion, reduce nausea symptoms, and is an anti-inflammatory. With my recipe, I’ve made it simple for you to make this healthy, wholesome, and tasty treat…

Total Summer Comfort

I love a day at the beach or by the pool…the sun, the breeze, the water. It’s magical. But then once I am home and squeaky clean after a nice shower, I don’t want to put on my PJs yet because it’s only 4pm! I want to be comfortable, but as always I want to still feel like myself, which means put-together. So, this is the perfect option and here’s why….

Rainy Day Activities for Kids

The beauty of summer is fresh warm air and the freedom to run around barefoot in the grass….but what do we do (and more importantly, what do we have the little ones do) when we’re stuck inside on a rainy day? From Graye Note Supermom, Stephanie Viloria, here’s the kid-approved activities to keep everyone happy and engaged…

Summer Hair for My Straight-Haired Ladies

Years ago, I very wrongly thought that my straight-haired ladies had it easy and your hair always behaved perfectly. But the more I chatted with my peeps about it, I realized you too can struggle with terrible frizz problems in the summer! So, with the help of my straight-haired Little Mama (and husband!) we devised a simple frizz-blocking plan….

Calling All My Curly-Haired Ladies!

Ahh, summer…..the sun, the sand, the salt, the…..frizz.  Okay, so up until very recently, I have to admit I did not embrace that last one.  I was the classic curly-haired girl growing up in the 90s, idolizing every silky, straight-haired lady gracing a magazine cover.  But, finally, I have changed! Yay for me, and soon to be, yay for you too. Here’s my easy summer hair care routine that keeps my curls poppin….