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Halloween Sauerkraut Brownies

I think you may all remember my sauerkraut fetish and how it actually helped to cure my gastritis. If you have been watching Graye Note Live, you may also have seen me “ask” my daughter, Andrea, to try my Sauerkraut Brownies. I thought it went over well. She said she couldn’t even taste the sauerkraut! What better way to have a tasty treat for Halloween than one that is actually good for you! Come on, get a little kooky spooky and “Trick or Treat” with our Halloween Sauerkraut Brownies…

Beekeeping 101

Un”bee”knownst to some people, and much to their surprise, queen bees are a hot commodity for those of us who want to start a honeybee colony and become a backyard beekeeper. That’s what a friend of mine did! Living on the west coast in San Francisco, Torbie, a college professor, makes use of every square foot of land she owns, which includes beehives. That peaked my interest, so I asked her a few questions….

Overwintering Spikes

No…for you fashionistas out there, I don’t mean your stilettos! Although, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to put those away for the winter, too! The Spikes that I’m talking about are the only non-flowering plants that I make sure to overwinter every year. By overwintering plants you’ll not only save money….

Apple Impromptu Cake

It’s getting to be that cozy time of year. And, you know, I LOVE COZY! The best season of all (my FAVORITE) is here! FALL, AUTUMN, AUTUMNAL EQUINOX. However you look at it, it’s APPLE time! My most favorite apple recipe is my Mom’s, which I have tweaked. She knew how to make cozy come to life! It’s a piece of cake to make (literally). I think you will enjoy this Apple Impromptu….

Container “Refresher” Course

“Taken its toll” is a phrase that pops up in my mind around this time of year, and summer has done just that to some of my flower filled containers! They’re looking a little frazzled, due to either the summer heat or the soaking rains during the season. They could barely take a breath and drain quick enough before the next storm! With some, the soil was so soggy I had to drag the containers under the eaves of the house to help them dry out a bit. But, through it all, those hard working annuals have now…just about exhausted themselves! So, in order for them to remain that “focal point” I talked about in my last article, My View From Here, now is the time to give those flowers a little sprucing up…

Halloween Foyer

It’s here! Our first festive holiday of the fall season. I am ecstatic. I’ve been prepping for our little trick-or-treaters by making decorations, planning costumes, and buying candy. And today, it’s time to prep our foyer for the festiveness! Here’s my easy plan…

Apple Butter Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

October…Crisp autumn breeze…Changing of the leaves…Halloween…and…my Uncle’s Favorite Cupcakes! Although they are his favorite year round, Apple Butter Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes are an all time favorite of many family and friends this time of year! Once you try them, they will be a favorite of yours too!