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Fall Fashion: Work to Wear

When I’m at my desk ready to write an article or I’m standing in the kitchen trying to photograph chili in a way that doesn’t make it look like dog food, I want to love how my outfit looks when I glance down. If I don’t look like myself, I can’t possibly feel like myself, and how the heck am I suppose to work if I’m not myself?! So, here’s the outfit I’m wearing this fall that will make me feel inspired every time I see it….

Couture Meets Coachella

This is a special article for my Coachella ladies (and anyone who wants a rocker-chic look!). I do not have any experience attending festivals, but I DO know how to nail any fashion challenge. So, here are your 6 key pieces (with Andrea’s “couture” flair)…

Spring Fashion in Chilly Temps

March is the kickoff to the spring fashion season. This means exciting new clothes, which of course, I LOVE. The only problem is I live in New York, and the weather does not always agree with short dresses and open-toe heels this early in the year. But, but, but, I never sacrifice the right fashion choices, so here is our perfect spring outfit to wear even when the temperature outside is still chilly….