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The Perfect Dress for YOUR Body Type

We are all built differently, and that is WONDERFUL news. The bad news is it seems most designers do not consider all of our different body types when they create clothing. There is literally not one human on the planet that can wear everything (even runway models!). The key is that we FIRST learn our body type and then SECOND learn what to do about it….

It’s Your Life: Be Unselfishly Self-Centered

Putting ourselves first as gotten such a bad wrap.  We’re all constantly expected to put the needs and feelings of others before our own.  This, incorrectly, has been taught to us as the “nice”, “correct”, and “godly” way to live. I call “phooey.”  There is nothing good about living a life that doesn’t address our own needs.  If my own needs are not taken care, I’m not half as good of a friend, spouse, or daughter to anyone else. I’m constantly driving myself crazy thinking about people in my life not accepting that it doesn’t work for me to attend their events.  I say, let’s put anything that drives us crazy out of our lives, for good.  Who’s with me? There are only 2 steps to living a significantly more balanced, more fruitful, and more relaxing life: 1) Learn this mucho crucial phrase: “That doesn’t work for me.”  It’s that simple.  No guilt, no excuses, and most importantly, NO EXPLANATIONS needed.  If an invitation to a party, a holiday celebration, a wedding, a trip, etc. …