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Hotel Living at Home

I love staying at luxe hotels. They feel so special and glamorous. But a couple of years ago I realized that a hotel (where I do NOT spend most of my time) should not be more enjoyable to me than my home (where I DO spend most of my time). So, I decided that I should identify the specific details I love from my hotel stays and incorporate them into my home! Here’s how I did it…

Chic Home: Closet

My closet is the dreamiest place in my apartment. It’s appearance AND functionality are essential to starting my day off correctly. If everything was in a heap, I wouldn’t be able to find anything, I’d be late to work, and I would be a wrinkled mess…très tragique! To avoid this problem, we must follow these easy steps to create (and maintain!) a chic, useable closet:

Chic Home: Bedroom

I hate clutter. And I hate ugly. I’m a very visual person with a great attention to detail, which means every single thing I see in a day affects me.

When I moved into my last apartment, it was quite challenging to fit everything perfectly (as it always is when you’re dealing with a Manhattan apartment). After about a day and a half of desperately trying to make “organization magic,” my good-intentioned dad said, “Don’t worry about how it looks, no one will see it.” Given my passion and zest for life, and loudly (and immediately) responded, “I will!!!! I WILL SEE IT! I have eyes!!!!!”

Since I have eyes, and very good ones at that, I’m constantly on a mission to be as chicly organized as possible. Here are my super-helpful findings for the bedroom: