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The Perfect Dress for YOUR Body Type

We are all built differently, and that is WONDERFUL news. The bad news is it seems most designers do not consider all of our different body types when they create clothing. There is literally not one human on the planet that can wear everything (even runway models!). The key is that we FIRST learn our body type and then SECOND learn what to do about it….

Run Like a Marathoner (or at Least Look Like One)

I’ve become an athlete!  Yay!  This is a whole new world for me and I am totes loving it.  There’s so much involved…not only are there millions of ways of actually exercising to discover, there is the equally important component of considering my athletic wardrobe!  Do you think true athletes refer to their workout gear as a wardrobe?  I’m fairly certain nothing I do resembles the way others do it, so I have asked my BFF aka Marathon SuperStar, Stephanie, to be our athletic consultant.  Today, we’ll be asking her what we should wear to become the inner superstar athlete we were created to be! Andrea:  Is it important to wear different types of workout clothing depending on the activity you’re doing? Stephanie: Absolutely! …(With) running, there are different outfits for different workouts. I like to wear something tight for speed work and something with lots of pockets for long runs :).   Andrea: What are your perfect “I can set a Personal Record in this outfit” items? Stephanie:  If it is a marathon, I …