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Fall Fashion: Date Night

Lately, when I’ve been getting dressed, I’ve been really obsessed with combining sophisticated and deconstructed elements. I love the juxtaposition of “put-together” and “edgy”, so that’s the way I styled our perfect date night look for fall this year. Please do not be afraid of your age, because this look is not scandalous and it can work for anyone. Fashion is all about your spirit and attitude….

Winter Fashion: Date Night

I really like getting dressed up for a date night. The problem is that in the middle of the winter, I’m cold…and I just want to be comfortable. BUT, I don’t want to look like a polar bear, big and chunky, in 75 layers while I’m on a date. Ya know what I mean? So, I came up with this perfect winter date night outfit for us that will meet all of our needs! Polar bear-free!